The Therapist…

Hello! My name is Elen and I have been providing counselling, coaching and therapy now for over 16yrs. As a fellow human being, I understand the challenges that life can bring and that sometimes we need a little professional help to sort through those challenges, and acquire some strategies to begin the journey towards real and lasting change. Seeking help is not a weakness but rather a strength to want better than what is, to improve your circumstances, and to get on with life healthily.

With a background in fitness and wellbeing, the vision had been to develop a whole-person approach to my practice which includes Mind, Body and Spirit. I believe that all three are interconnected and when one is neglected all three are affected.

Counselling, Coaching, and Therapy is a very personal experience so therefore the therapist/client relationship is key. it is important that you feel comfortable and safe with your therapist/coach throughout the process. I consider it an absolute privilege to walk this journey with you and will always endeavour to make this experience one of the most valuable things you choose to do.

Some background…

I come from a diverse background with strong administration experience including running our own businesses, in commercial and domestic construction and my own fitness business. During this time I pursued studies in counselling, psychology, and social work which led me to where I am today.

During my internship I received excellent training and education from some of the best in the business at the time, in particular with relationships and couple work. This set a strong foundation for my future work.

I have worked as a counsellor and relationship therapist for three different non-government organisations (NGO’s) in the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle working with a broad range of mental health issues and with an emphasis on relationships. This has included providing counselling and therapy in a specialised service for victims of domestic/family violence, and also co-facilitating groups for women and for children who had experienced/or were living with abuse.

I have had the opportunity to also work with refugees in a humanitarian counselling program in western Sydney, working with individuals and families from Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan, whilst also working in mainstream counselling services. In that time I gained a great deal of experience working with individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds in the Sydney inner west region and western Sydney.

For a short time I have worked with Beyond Blue, NSW Health, working in Critical Care, Womens Health, Mental Health as well as continuing my therapy practice.

I have been working extensively contracting to corporate psychology service provider, providing EAP coaching and counselling support to the public and private sectors. This includes some onsite work (providing support and education), as well as trauma work.

My experience also extends to church ministry centres, and voluntary roles within my church community.

On a personal level, I have been married for over 33yrs and we have two adult sons, a dog, several cows, and some wild kangaroos who visit regularly!




Master Social Work Bachelor Counselling Diploma Family Therapy Dip Business Mgt CertCouple Therapy EFT

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker AASW

PACFA Clinical Reg

Medicare Reg Provider

Blue Knot Foundation Listed Health Professional

Australian AssocIATION of Social WORKERS

Australian AssocIATION of Social WORKERS

Everyday is a new beginning... Take a deep breath... Smile... ...and start again
— Unknown